Turning ordinary moments into adventure

Van Hunks is a captivating drink that delights as much as it surprises - thanks to honey bees feasting on Fynbos wildflowers from the smallest floral kingdom in the world. Unexpectedly dry, its fragrant aromatics and tightly knit bubbles turn even the most ordinary moments into adventure. The only thing better than a glass of Van Hunks is a bottle shared amongst friends.




Notorious for escaping the ordinary, Van Hunks was a man with a spirit of adventure. Pipe packed and drink in hand, he’d stroll through the Fynbos and scale the sandstone mountain cliffs in search of the perfect perch. Often he’d run into unexpected adventures. But on quieter days, he’d simply kick back and relax on the edge of Table Mountain and contemplate the world down below.



Combining traditional mead making processes with innovative proprietary technology, we’re one of only three producers in the world to create bottle fermented mead. Handcrafted on the foothills of Table Mountain, it’s made with indigenous Fynbos honey from wildflower nectar found nowhere else on the planet.

Fynbos is the smallest of only 8 floral kingdoms in the world - quenched in hot summer months by the clouds billowing down from Table Mountain. Locally known as the ‘tablecloth phenomenon,’ legend suggests that Van Hunks had something to do with it.

Truth or tale, we’ll never know.


Hand-harvested honey

The uniquely distinctive Fynbos honey is sourced from sustainably placed hives throughout the natural woodland areas and is hand-harvested by the small local communities.

Our dry fermentation miracle

Honey is notoriously difficult to ferment as it gives off its own "antibiotic" to prevent fermentation from taking place. This is where our patented dry fermentation technique kicks in. We’ve achieved clean fermentation of honey that ferments our 'base mead' completely dry, which allows us to achieve a consistently high quality.

Bottle fermenting the “Champagne of sparkling meads”

Secondary fermentation follows the same bottle fermentation process as used for Champagne (méthode champenoise), except instead of using sugar to re-ferment wine we only use pure honey in our base mead. We’ve successfully achieved a bottle fermented mead consistently. Our craft is equal to that of any top South African Sparkling Wine or French Champagne.

Riddling and disgorgement (Remuage & dégorgement)

This is the exact process as méthode champenoise: the bottles are riddled on pupitres (turning racks) over a number of weeks so that the yeast sediment collects down at the tip of the bottles. The bottles are then stored upside-down so the sediment collects in the neck. The tip of the bottle is flash frozen before being disgorged: removing the frozen plug of ice (containing the spent yeast) from the bottles. After disgorgement, a unique expedition liqueur (finishing dosage) is added to balance all of the flavours and then the final corking of the finished bottle. The final result is a premium bottle fermented mead that defies the ordinary and inspires the imagination.

Not as sweet as you think

Indeed, it’s made with honey - but it’s the wildflower aromatics that linger. Surprisingly low in sugar and unexpectedly dry in taste.

Small batches by hand

Our small batch philosophy ensures that every sip of Van Hunks meets impeccably high standards. Down to the very last bubble.

Folklore sealed with a cork

The legend of Van Hunks lives on in our Mead. Unwittingly captivating - like Cape Town’s famous son and the place he called home.


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